Ardara Technologies offers standard flange mounted mass filter system configurations as well as Custom Systems including TOF systems in collaboration with Jordan TOF Products.

A flange mounted mass filter is a vacuum probe assembly with one or more of the following components mounted and electrically wired to it:

  • Ion Source or Ion Optics such as
    • Molecular Beam Ionizer
    • Cross Molecular Beam Ionizer
    • Quadrupole Deflector Energy Filter
    • Einzel Lens
  • Quadrupole Mass Filter
  • Electron Multiplier Detector in Multiplier Housing
  • Feedthrough Flange with electrical connections for electron multiplier, and 8 or 9 mini-ConFlat ports available for mounting ten-pin connector feedthroughs, RF Feedthroughs, and gas inlets.
  • Vacuum Wiring.

Typical Electronics configurations for a Flange Mounted Mass Filter system include:


Filament Power Supply



 Optics Power Supply



  Quadrupole Power Supply


Detector Power Supply



Tempus-Q Data System