Ardara Technologies product line is equipped with a full line of vacuum hardware and accessories, specializing in custom system and add-ons.  Our focus is developing interesting mass spectrometer component technologies, which can be mixed and matched to create custom crazy mass spectrometer systems. 

The team at Ardara Technologies is assembled of experienced scientists, design engineers, manufacturing engineers and technicians, specializing in designing and manufacturing custom components and systems for mass spectrometric analysis.

With our years of experience, and wide range of technologies available, we can help guide out customers to an optimized system design, and then build it for them.

Teamed with our manufacturing partners, we have the capacity to design and fabricate quite elegant and functional custom vacuum systems, including innovative custom ion optics hardware, and RF-only ion guides, multi-staged aluminum vacuum chambers, optimized for split-flow turbomolecular vacuum pumps, as well as traditional tubular stainless steel vacuum chamber designs.

The following are links to various vacuum components available from Ardara Technologies.