The Ardara Technologies Detector Power Supply was designed to provide stable high voltages suitable for supplying power to both a detector Multiplier and Dynode, as well as Preamp control.  

  • Multiplier output ranging from 0 to -3kV and Dynode output ranging from -5 kV to +5kV (through zero), standard.
  • The front panel display allows for direct measurement of each individual output voltage using the two front panel digital voltmeters.
  • The front panel also features 2 ten-turn potentiometers for fine control of both Multiplier and Dynode voltages.  Combined, these offer an easy, fast, and efficient voltage adjustment.
  • Preamp Gain controlled from the front panel allows for easy adjustment of Internal Preamp from 106 to 1012.
  • Front panel and back panel switches allow any of the multiplier or dynode voltages or enables to be controlled externally through a back panel connector.
  • Dimensions: 19-inch rack mount front panel.
  • Universal AC input (100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz)