Ardara Technologies offers a wide range of electronics to power and control your mass spectrometry system.  

The RF Power Supply has long been a staple of Ardara Technologies.  Through its self-oscillating design, the Ardara RF Power Supply dramatically decreases the complexity of powering RF-only ion guides, and can be configured to drive high voltages to capacitive loads ranging from ten picofarads to thousand picofarads, without customer intervention.  Simply connect the cables and adjust the command dial.

The Filament Power Supply was designed to provide stable emission-regulated electron current from a heated filament for use with electron impact ionizers such as Ardara technologies' Axial Molecular beam Ionizers and Cross Beam Ionizers.

The Optics Power Supply provides stable high voltages (± 400 V) suitable for up to eight independently controlled optics elements, including lenses, ion guide offset potentials, pre-filters offset potentials and other ion optics devices.

The Pulsed Optics Supply provides three independent 'fast' (sub microsecond rise time) ± 200 V outputs.

The Detector Power Supply was designed to provide stable high voltages suitable for supplying power to both a detector Multiplier and Dynode, as well as preamplifier control. 

Quadrupole Power Supply offer operating frequencies from 100 kHz to 4 MHz and system mass ranges from 0 to 5 amu for ultra-sensitive analysis of hydrogen and helium, to beyond 100,000 amu for cluster analysis. 

The Vacuum Controller and Gate Valve is capable of distributing power to your entire MS system, as well as offer integral safety interlock of Gate Valves, and Ion Gauge control.