Applications where our components and systems are used by our customers include:

Gas analysis systems:  One of our systems is currently in use checking for leaks during space shuttle launches. We also have developed molecular beam systems for monitoring reaction products in radical-neutral reactions in flow tubes.  We recently introduced a low-cost benchtop  Quadrupole Gas Analyzer System with atmospheric sampling inlet which has been optimized for use as a training tool in undergraduate chemistry laboratories.

Cluster deposition systems:  Our extended mass range quadrupoles have been configured to 100,000 amu, limited only by the mass range of ions that the customer was able to generate.  We have also developed novel flanges with radial-mounted feedthroughs to allow suspension of a quadrupole within an ion beam line, without blocking the entrance or exit to the quadrupole.
Peptide and protein research:  We have built turn-key electrospray Q-TOF systems as well as provided electrospray ion sources, electronics for ion funnels, as well as custom chamber configurations, ion guides and collision cells.  We collaborate with  Jordan TOF Products to develop custom interfaces for orthogonal extraction TOF systems as well as 3D ion trap TOF systems.
Hydrogen research:  We have configured a special ultra-high sensitivity, low mass range,  Flange Mounted Mass Filter Systems using a 20 mm quadrupole with jumbo cross beam ionizer and high frequency quadrupole power supply for analysis of hydrogen atoms and molecules.

New instrumentation development:  We work closely and confidentially with our OEM customers as well as academic researchers in developing innovative new mass analyzer systems, based on the customers' inventions and intellectual property.  For example, we have designed and manufactured custom mass analyzer electrode geometries on a contract manufacturing basis.  As well, we typically customize our electronics designs to meet the needs of our customers who are developing the next generation of mass analyzers.

Upgrades to older systems:  We recognize that not every researcher has the budget to purchase shiny new complete systems.  We have a strong history in working with a customer's existing system and engineering upgrades that adapt to their existing components.  Examples include upgrading the quadrupole power supply to extend the mass range, changing the frequency of an ion guide to optimize its mass range bandpass, or simply replacing aging electronics with newer, more stable designs.